Lotus Notes: Would you like to send or send?

Got this dialog box today. I clicked on the “request information” button in a meeting invite, but then decided I didn't want to. the only button available is the “send” button, or the “close” button. I clicked on the “close” button, and got this:

So my choices are to send as is, continue editing or send without comments. Not even sure what “send without comments” means.

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More Lotus Notes Gripes

  • Cutting and pasting from excel into an email results in an image
    It's as if you had done a little screen capture of the region selected in Excel. Even badly formatted text would be better than an image.
  • Can't delete an email if there is any text currently highlighted
    For example:
    • Open an email
    • Select some text to cut and paste into another document
    • Try to delete the email
    • Nothing happens. No error box, no beep, nothing
    • Simply clicking anywhere in the email, which deselects the text, allows you to delete the email. But it doesn't tell you that.
  • Can't delete an attachment from the preview window
    You must first open the window, then delete the attachment. The only reason I'm doing this in the first place is that my mail file is restricted to 20 meg.
  • Can't delete an email in the full viewer, if it is also opened in the previewLets say your skimming through your inbox, with the preview pane on:
    • You see a big email
    • You double-click on it and bring it up in the full viewer
    • You read the email, and decide to delete it
    • You can't unless you exit from the full viewer and then delete it from within the inbox

    NOTE: Notes has no problem deleting the email while you are viewing it in the preview pane.

  • The mouse wheel scrolls up slower than it scrolls down
    So slow in fact, that it's pretty useless, and you end up reaching for the Page Up key.
  • In certain text fields, double-clicking on a word does not select the word
    In almost all other applications, when you double click on the word, it selects the whole word. Instead Notes pops up a dialog box and tells you who can edit that field.


Lotus Notes Gripes

Further to my previous bitch-fests, here is my current list of Notes Gripes. I'll be adding to them.

  • Bugs in the current Form design:
  • Multiple “Illegal Function Code” and “Type Mismatch” errors when trying to set repeat information in a meeting
  • Inability to edit the repeat information in a meeting once initially set
  • My inbox is reporting 2 unread emails.  There are none, and there is no way to resync the database.  The IT solution was to reinstall Notes, which didn't work.
  • Drag and Drop
    • Shift-LMB to select a list of items doesn't work, i.e. selecting a bunch of emails in a row by clicking the first and then shift-clicking the last.
    • Multiple item selections are marked not with a change in background colour (like every single other windows app) but with a check mark to the left of the items.
    • Then, when you drag one of the selected items, only 1 item “floats” as your drag it. You get no visual indication that you are indeed moving more than 1 item.

  • 3 mouse click, involving 2 menus, to mark an email unread
  • To delete an appointment/meeting, non-intuitive steps are: Owner Actions button->Cancel
  • Not all commands are available in the same place. Some are via buttons in the form, some are through the menu bar.
  • All tasks seem to be “in progress”. there is no way to change this to anything other than “complete”
  • When saving attachments, it doesn't understand a “shortcut to a folder”. So I have to save it to the desktop, then move it later.

    The shortcut it there so I don't have to navigate through 6 layers of subdirectory, and scroll 11 times to find the place I want to save. Naturally, one could flatten out the directory structure, but I think Notes should just follow the fucking shortcut.
    Update: I just discovered that “Save All Attachments” does follow directory shortcuts. Jesus wept.

  • Dragging a contact into an email sends a link to my personal address book, which no-one except me can see. So if that is the case, why send a link you know no-one else can see? Expected behavior is to send some sort of attachment (v-card).
  • Email search results don't include the folder that the email was found in.
  • If the mouse is anywhere inside the email window, it will jump to the current curser position. This means, as your are typing, the mouse is jumping along right on top of the cursor, and if you editing a sentence, it is obscuring the next letter to the right of the cursor. Worse still, nudging the mouse is not enough, you have to move the mouse completely out of the mail window to get it to stop jumping around.
  • 1 level of undo.  A colleague laments about the number of times he has accidentally selected all (Cntl-A) and then typed 2 characters, and lost his whole email.
  • Lotus Notes

    I discovered today that I was able to edit the help text in Lotus Notes. How this could be usefull I’m not sure.

    Anyway, I decided to add some useful knowledge. I draw your attention to the insertion between items 3 and 4.

    Heh. Haven’t come very far, have we there IBM. Still sucks pretty hard eh?!

    I’ve taken it upon myself to log every single fault I find in Lotus Notes. Hopefully with enough evidence we’ll get something done about it.

    I have a text file on my desktop, and everytime Notes pisses me off, I add to it.

    Oh yeah – we are truely a leading edge company

    Company email this morning:

    I am pleased to announce an exciting new improvement to email. On Saturday April 1, we will be deploying the new Lotus Notes R6.5 mailbox template to the Lotus Domino server in [Redacted]. Once your mailbox has been migrated to the new template you will have access to all the new features in Lotus Notes R6.5, such as:

    • Reply without attachments
    • Personalize Inbox view (reorder and sort columns)
    • View time & date in Inbox view
    • Display # of unread messages in Inbox and folders
    • Trash folder

    I'm sorry, “an exciting new improvement to email”? WTF? “View time & date in Inbox” and a trash folder? You've got to be kidding me.

    Oh, and this is on the heals of the announcement that the IT department is only supporting blackberry's now, and so cant provide any software (or licenses) for syncronising notes to the palm or pocket pc. Oh, and they are only supplying blackberrys to senior management.