Lotus Notes Search Fail

One of the strengths of Lotus Notes is that it is fundamentally a database, with bullet proof synchronisation.

One of the downfalls of Lotus Notes is that it is fundamentally a database with an aggressive hatred of its users.

Here is a classic example. To create a custom searches, you are presented with this drop-down list of the available fields you can search on.

Lotus Notes - Search by field selector

Look at the size of the scroll handle! There are literally hundreds (thousands?) of fields to select from. Good luck getting the right one.

Automator Script to copy photos from iCloud PhotoStream into Lightoom


iCloud Photo Stream is limited to a copy of the last 1000 photos, and 30 days or something.
Camera roll is everything, unless you delete something.
Camera roll is backed up to the iCloud as part of the phone backup

Automatically import photo stream photos into Lightroom:
These instructions didn’t work for me, because the Filter Finder Items wasn’t returning all the images, only the last one

These instructions worked, and in case they go away, here they are:


This link talks about how to get a notification for the automator action, which I integrated into my recipe, which now looks like this:


BTW: I got this image from the automator package, which is located here:  /Users/jake/Library/Workflows/Applications/Folder Actions/

The upside-down text is weird. Here it is copy and pasted:

on run {input, parameters}
    repeat with i from 1 to the count of input
        set thisItem to item i of input
        set thisPath to the quoted form of the POSIX path of thisItem
        set thisFilename to (do shell script "basename " & thisPath)
        if i is 1 then
            set the nameString to thisFilename
            set the nameString to nameString & ", " & thisFilename
        end if
    end repeat
    return nameString
end run

Which results in this:

automator notifications

It would be cool to be able to include a thumbnail of the image in the notification…

I’ve been running this script for a while now, and it seems to be working nicely on Mavericks 10.9.5.

The next part will be configuring Lightroom to automatically import from that directory.

But what to do about Dropbox? Keep it as is, automatically importing photos?

And then what is the easiest way to get rid of photos from the Camera Roll?

Bringing Sanity to Multilevel Headings in Word

I do Word good. I like making documents look good, and I do things like clean up styles when I’m working with a group on a document. I even suggested to my team once that they should just send me their copy in plain text, so I wouldn’t have to deal with their crap styles. I once had got a document that had defined all the Body Text and Headings as custom styles, which of course breaks the Table of Contents, and so the ToC was hand built. I shudder now at the memory.

Using headings in word is easy. Adding numbering to those is not. Word doesn’t make it easy with their menu design. Things like, there is no “modify” in the multi-level list drop down menu, only “Add New”. But I don’t want to “add new” I want to “modify”.

Anyway, this guy has a write-up that reveals the secret! You assign the style to list from the list configuration, not the other way around.

Simple, when you know how.


Mass set Categories Plugin Works For Me.

I’ve never used Categories before, and so every post was in the “Unfiled” category. I needed a way to bulk edit categories.

Seems that in WP4.0 you can bulk add posts to categories, but you cannot bulk remove categories from posts.

The Mass Set Categories plugin, and a little but of magic code, did the trick.

In case the magic bit of code (which was found in a user review, of all places) is lost, I’ve captured it here.

Open Mass set Categories in WP Admin, and then run following code in Console: jQuery("input[name$=\\[1\\]").attr("checked", false)

This allows you to tick the box for each post listed on the Mass Set Categories output page. In other words, the perfect way to remove a category for every single post all at once.

If you wanted to remove from only a selection of posts, this is not for you.


Things I’ve learned on the Mac so far

I bought a 27 inch iMac last year, and I’ve been trying to get used to it ever since.

Here’s what I’ve figured out so far:

  • There is no “cut” feature in Finder, only “copy”. To get “cut” you must first “copy” and then when you are ready to “paste”, hold down the “option” key, and the “copy” turns into “move”.
  • Install XtraFinder. It adds the following features to Finder
    • Multiple Tabs
    • Options to arrange folders on top of files
    • “Copy Path”, “Show Hidden Items”, “Refresh”, “Copy to”, “Move to”, “New Terminal Here”, “Make Symbolic Link”, “Contents”, …
  • Install DoubleCommand to make the “home” and “end” buttons on the keyboard work properly. Be sure to uncheck the “Enter Key acts as Command Key” or else the Enter key on the numeric keyboard will appear to stop working.
  • To make the forward delete key work properly in the terminal, edit the current Terminal profile, go to Keyboard, and look for the forward delete symbol. If it’s not there, add a new mapping. Select “Send Text” as the action, and then press ⌃-⇧-D (Control-Shift-D) in the input box. it will record it is \004. You are now good to go.
  • Any keyboard shortcuts you’ve defined on your iPhone will sync to the Mac, assuming you’ve got iCloud enabled. Except that these shortcuts don’t work in Chrome because they’ve opted not to use the MacOS spell-check thingy.
  • The Solarized project has a great colour scheme, and they have the setting for the Mac Terminal program, which is nice.
  • I use PureText on Windows to paste from the clipboard in plain text. On the Mac, you can get the same effect by using ⌥-⌘-V (Option-Command-V).

(Handy page with Unicode HTML entities for Apple key caps)

Thoughts on Box

I was recently asked to comment on Box. Here is what I said:

  • Sync is not being available for our enterprise configuration, due to it not being incremental (which I understand is due for release next year!! Q4-2014) Its here now, and works great, with basic collision detection.
  • There is no easy way to group my collaborations. So I end up with a very long list of folders in the root, a common complaint.
  • There is no tree navigation. I got over this.
  • Preview view is the default for all files even though the preview viewer doesn’t correctly render them. File handling once in the right directory is admittedly not bad. In this regard I only think it lacks a file compare/merge feature, and the ability to insert into a document’s history. Mostly made redundant now that Sync is working. I manage everything on my local PC.
  • Email notifications for me have never worked. Resolved
  • When I want to share something with a colleague by using the “@” prefix, I seem to get a list of the entire company, not my previously chosen collaborators. This is much better now. Your top collabs will also sort to the top, and that depends to be on a per-shared-folder basis, which means, relevant to the subject at hand. I’s still like to be able to do this like how Facebook does it. Start typing “@Fred B” and it presents a list, select the person you mean, and then be able to delete the last name. Make’s it less formal when having conversations in the comments.
  • Apparently to get access to Box from my iPhone I need to install a VPN. What the hell is a web app behind a VPN? Doesn’t that negate the entire purpose of it being web based?
    • This one is still dumb.

More Buzzword Bingo

I continue to keep myself awake in those long drawn-out business meetings by been keeping track of buzzwords. Here are the results from a recent one, which was a real snoozer.

Buzzword Count Context
Solution 30 as in “integrate our solution to align with key strategies”
Synergy 27 as in “leveraging key synergies”
Strategy 15 as in “leveraging key strategies”
Growth 15 as in “this is a real value add, and will assist our growth”
Key 14 as in “leveraging key strategies”
Integrate 12 as in “a key transformation will be to integrate our key synergies”
Smart 8 as in “Smart City, Smart Grid, Smart Phones, Smart Hamsters”
Transform 8 as in “a key transformation will be to integrate our key synergies”
Role 7 as in “identify our key role in the market to differentiate our strategy”
Focus 5 as in “our key focus area in the marketplace”
Footprint 4 as in “reduce our eco footprint”
Differentiate 4 as in “identify our key role in the market to differentiate our strategy”
Digitization 4 as in “digitize our work practises”
Dimension 3 as in “explore the other dimensions of our market”
Efficiency 3 as in “increase the effeciency of our key processes”
Profitability 3 as in “monitor our processes to increase our profitability”
Align 3 as in “align our key synergies”
Cyclicality 2 as in “the cyclicality of our business”
Sustainability 2 as in “energy sustainability”
Objective 2 as in “our objective is to integrate key markets”
Space 2 as in “leverage our key strengths in the utilies space”
Emerging 1 as in “emerging trends”
Initiative 1 as in “we must take the initiative to leverage our key synagies”
Leverage 0 as in “leveraging key strategies”

Maybe one day I’ll post an update on how these change over time.

The Blackberry death spiral continues

One of the most popular travel apps, Worldmate, recently announced it has “teamed up with Blackberry” to produce a travel app. Tried to install it on the brand new Curve from work, and it failed. A brief search shows that the new travel app wont work for those using a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), which is, I don’t know, MOST OF THE USERS.

Clara’s lost year: following a clue

It is a number-pattern clue.

The acronym of the clue is the wifi password at the home of the family for whom Clara works as a nanny.

The expression form of the clue is a combination of the things she has said before each of the three times she has died :

Run You Clever Boy And Remember 1 2 ?

The “?” indicates that the video was cut right at the precise moment the actor was about to say the third number. We never heard the third number; we assume Clara heard it just fine because she entered it into the computer, in plain text so we could see it:


Notice the 4 where you would expect a 3, it being the simplest number pattern which is easy to remember: a common memory trick for a password.

Later, in her journal, The Doctor found a page where she had written her age down every year without fail since she was 8. Except she skipped a year at the end, and ended the vertical column of numbers with: “21 23 24”. The key to this for me, weak in the “detecting patterns in numbers” exercise (I suck at those: “what are the next numbers in a sequence” tests), I noticed that written vertically, my eye was distracted by the symmetry of the “2” in the tens column, which when ignored revealed another pattern: “1 2 4”.

Clara missed the year 23, and this clue presented itself twice in the movie: once in her recollection, and once in his.

One of the forms of the clue instructs him to de-ass the area and get to when she is 23, and find out why she is missing that year.