Time for a Lotus Notes Whinge

It’s been too long.

Why do they bother putting a search button in the Recent Contacts view? Have you ever tried it? It never finds anything. Like, never.  In the normal Contacts view, it finds stuff according to some weird quantum mechanics algorithm.  In other words, it returns a random selection of contacts that have no relationship to the search term.

And then, to cap it off, Notes went completely unresponsive for 10 minutes, and pegged the disk at 100%.

On the bright side, it gave me the opportunity to complain about it here.

One thought on “Time for a Lotus Notes Whinge”

  1. Or how about the “Restore All” button in the Trash view? Srsly? Restore all 400 emails that are in my trash folder? I should try it sometime just for shits and giggles… and probably scripting errors cause it’s never been tried before.

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